I’m Sarah, and – amongst other things – I’m a fiction writer from Croydon. My debut novel Let Me Be Like Water is published by Melville House in the US & UK. I’m based in Leeds, and am studying for a PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University, funded by the NWCDTP.

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Let Me Be Like Water

My first novel Let Me Be Like Water is available to order into any local bookshop, or online here in the UK. The US edition is available here.

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‘A beautiful reflection on love, grief, and friendship. Witty and profound.’ – Fiona Mozley

‘A work of both harrowing beauty and exquisite gentleness, which several times moved me to tears; a profound, tenderly-crafted meditation on grief and the everyday heroism of those who somehow help us heal.’ – Musa Okwonga

‘A delicate and all knowing balance between prose and poetry, Let Me Be Like Water holds you in the familiar place of loss, longing, and survival. Devastating and beautiful.’ – Chimene Suleyman

‘A deeply felt, deeply romantic novel of fragmentary, raw emotion, that flickers and flares like a nerve exposed.’ – Barney Norris

Let Me Be Like Water is a beautiful, honest and engaging study of how we are healed through the grace of others. It is a novel about the people and places we love, and how, when these are lost, we learn, often in the most surprising ways, how to begin again.’ – John Burnside

‘Radiant and brave.  A beautifully crafted study of loss and the redemptive nature of friendship; and a powerful reminder of the tendernesses of love, in all its forms.’ – Kate Howard

‘Intimate, ruthless, featherlight: S.K.Perry’s novel Let Me Be Like Water is like a long night talk with a stranger on a train, who becomes your best friend for eight hours. This book is like medicine for the soul.’ – Nina George

‘This beautiful novel about mourning is actually a celebration of life and the regenerative power of friendship. Let Me Be Like Water transcends pain and comforts; it dances in the sky like a kite.’ – Denis Thériault


I deliver one-to-one in-person or Skype creative writing feedback and mentoring on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis (depending on our mutual availability).

The hour-long sessions are used to provide detailed feedback on work that’s been sent to me in advance, troubleshoot creative challenges, boost confidence, and develop a sustainable creative writing practice. We will set new exercises or targets each session, depending on your aims. I recommend a commitment to at least 3 sessions.

To enquire, please send me an email to ms . skperry @ gmail . com

Please include a bit about what you want to get from the sessions and what it is you are working on, as well as your availability.

I had a lot of amazing mentors who gave me their time for free or for not-a-lot, and so I offer a number of students pay-what-you-can sessions. You do not need to disclose your reasons for needing this, please just put a note in your initial email stating what you would want to pay, or that you would be wanting a free place.

My standard fee per Skype session is £70, which includes time spent reading and preparing feedback on your work. In-person costs vary depending on travel time required.


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Please feel free to send me an email: ms.skperry @ gmail . com. My agent is Laura West at David Higham.

I tweet now and again @_sarah_perry